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Wicks N Suds List Suppliers

Our List Mom Linda allows certain approved candle and soap suppliers to post an advertisement to the list each Monday.
Below you will find a link to the web site for each of these wonderful suppliers who offer list members a special discount in their ads and help us feed our addictions to fragrance oils and craft supplies!
Suppliers listed in alphabetical order!

General Supplies (Candle/Soap both)


RaDe's in California

Scottcrew Enterprises in Michigan

Soapies Supplies in Arizona


Oak Court Creations in Illinois

Candle Fixins in Kentucky

A-1 Gel Candles in Illinois

Soap Supplies

Emu Oil/Ostrich Oil/Emu Feathers in California/Texas
order via email


Miscellaneous Supplies

  Dried Roses in the UK

Pleasing Odors Creations in Indiana
new supply company, contact by email only