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Candle & Soap Sales Ideas & Tips

This is a list of possible places to market your candles and soaps provided by various list members.

Airport Gift Shops
Antique Stores
Anyplace with a dressing room that needs to smell good!
Anyplace with a locker room - air fresheners!
Auto parts Store air fresheners
Beauty Shops
Bed and Breakfast Inns
Book Stores - the cozy ones
Bridal Shops
Car Dealerships
Car Washes - air fresheners
Coffee Houses - gels/paraffin in coffee Mugs
Diet Centers
Doc and Dentist offices
Exercise places/Health clubs
Floral Shops
Garden Nurseries/Greenhouses
Gift Shops
High School Gift Shops
Hotel gift shops
Insurance offices
Hospital Gift Shops
Massage Therapy centers
Massage salon
Micro Breweries - Beer gels
Lockers at Schools - air fresheners!
Pet Stores
Resale clothing stores
Retirement Village Gift Shops
Small hardware stores
Spas & Beauty Centers
Sporting Goods Stores -fisherman's soaps & scenic candles
Tanning Beds
Taxi Cab Companies - air fresheners!
Tanning salons
Truck Stops...good buddy.


Home Parties for Candle/Soap Sales

Contributed by Valerie!
(email Valerie with questions!)

I get the guest list from the hostess and print up the invites on my
computer and send them out about 2 weeks before the party. I also ask the
hostess to call her guests a couple of days before to remind them and get
an idea of how many will be attending.

For having the party the hostess gets:
1. A basket full of goodies in her choice of sent/color (worth about $25-$30)
2. 15% of party total in free product (that she picks from my inventory
that night)
3. 50% off any candle for every party booked through her

I take A TON of candles/soaps/salts. I also bring 2 shelving units and a
card table and use the hostess' dining table and whatever else she has
available. Bring white sheets and whatever else you have to decorate your
display, because, of course, presentation is EVERYTHING!! I usually arrive
an hour before the party to set up. I also have cards printed up that have
important info. (ex. Gel Candles Burn 2-3x's longer than wax, Seem to glow
from within) and I place those around the room so they have some knowlege
before I even speak. :o)

People take home what they buy from me that night and I tell them that they can order custom from me as well. SOOOOO many people have raved about the fact that they don't have to wait for thier order, so I would caution against a "book" party.

I let people look and smell as soon as they arrive, they usually begin
assembling thier *piles* right away. :o) It's sort of like *the sale on
Christmas Eve* with people trying to get their favorite candles before
someone grabs them....hehehe.

When the hostess thinks most of the people have arrived I do my
presentation. KEEP IT SHORT!! You will lose thier attention quickly. I
just introduce myself, let them know that I personally make all the
products they see. I also tell them quickly (about two sentences) about
how I got started with the business. Then I play the Left & Right Game
that is on Dee's site that Amy sent last week. I give away a nice ($8-$10)
candle for the game and if there are many people I also throw in a second
smaller gift. Everyone is laughing by the time it's done.

Then I tell the a little about the candles (long burn time, seems to glow
from within, ect.) I talk about safety A LITTLE, you'll lose them if you
drone on too long. ( I really drill it in while they are paying me because
I really have thier attention then..hehe) Then I describe the benefits of
my soaps and bath products.

Then I let them know about all the benefits of being a hostess, and I
stress the fact that I send out the invites so they don't even have to
worry about that part. SHOW them the awesome basket that the hostess gets,
I pass it around.

After that I just tell them to go and look around and feel free to ask me
any questions. Then I just wander around and listen to what they are
saying to see if I can help them find a specific scent, style, ect.

When they are paying I again stress important safety issues (keep wick
trimmed, don't burn too long, ect.) except I tell them that it's also to
keep the candle beautiful, I think they might actually do it to protect
thier I also ask if they would like to be a hostess, and
get thier name and number and approx. date(if they are interested). And
again a big smile and a Thank You!

A couple of other things...look your best, smile, you ARE sort of selling
yourself...and have some nice candles burning so they can see how beautiful
they look burning.

Ok...that got really Hope I helped and if you have any more
questions please ask away! :o)