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Specialty Soap Recipes

Soap Rocks
The following need to be made the day before. I just pour into any containers I can find.....
you need one container for each thing.....I use those round plastic food containers
6 oz. clear MP base, melt and add 2 droppers of a spiced fruit FO
Pour into container and put in fridge
4 oz. clear MO base, unscented with dark color...put in fridge
2 oz. clear MP base, purple color and a deep fruit scent such as raspberry....melt and put in fridge
4 oz. clear MP base, unscented and I use a green color
Now you can add whatever colors and scents you choose to this, Then melt 4 oz. clear MP base, do not put in fridge, put it someplace to set up and then un mold and cut into small pieces and dry overnight
2nd day Take the last one you made and left out to dry overnight and cut into pieces about 1/2",place in food processor with a metal blade, the one that goes in the bottom and add 1/4 t. pearlescent powder and 1 T. white glitter Process until it looks like pieces of quartz,remove the soap and put in a small bowl. DO NOT clean your processor. Melt 4 oz. clear MP base and mix approx. 2 oz. of the melted soap with the mix you just removed and put in a bowl You just want it to bind together, plop 4 blobs of it onto waxed paper...equal amounts of each Now, place the 2 oz and 4 oz. ones from the fridge into the processor and sprinkle with 1 T green glitter or pearlescent green. Process until it looks like little pebbles,this soap is softer so should not need any binding, put 4 more blobs onto waxed paper, place the 6 oz. and the 4 oz. you have in the fridge together in the processor and chop away until the pieces are even smaller than the last ones, divide in 4 blobs and put on waxed paper.
Now the fun begins. Gently form the first soap , the one that looks like quartz, into a ball..then form the next one around and then the next and so are forming them around that first ball. Cover it evenly all the way around, when you have all four balls done, dip in the rest the that melted base to coat. Let dry for several days, if they start to get flat on one side, roll them over, I always let my customers have the pleasure of cutting them in half.

J'Son's Soap Rocks
I pour the m&p into some tall container, paper cup, or long rectangular plastic box. Actually I mostly use the container I buy my glue sticks in (from Costco). It doesn't really matter because you are going to cut it up into chunks anyway. For example...I pour clear and cover with saran wrap and put in fridge for about 20 min. Take out, remove plastic and pour a different color, and repeat until you have your mold full. Sometimes I pour just a tiny layer of black when it is hot so it doesn't create an even line. It goes into the previous layer. Every one is different, depending on what main color or rock you want it to look like. Some have no clear in it. When the mold is full...I patiently wait until the next day. If you freeze it, you could cloud up your clear. It will also break apart your layers when you cut it. Then the next day I cut into chunks. Each chunk it pared until it resembles a crystal or rock. I then either run under water (with gloved hands) and rub the sharp cuts so that it will look like a polished rock or I spritz with alcohol and rub.

Soap Crayones
1 3/4 cups Ivory Snow powder( do they still even make this?)
1/4 cup water
50 drops food color
ice cube tray
Mix the soap powder and water together.......add food coloring and stir...pour into ice cube trays to harden......pop the cubes out of the trays and break or cut into pieces....plastic candy molds may also be used.