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Properties of Oils Used in Soapmaking
Courtesy Linda

Almond- oil helps to relieve the itching, irritation and soothes dry skin,it lubricates the skin, but does not penetrate easily, and it does go rancid for long term storage it should be mixed with 10% of wheat germ or jojoba for storage, shelf life is about 6-12 months
Apricot kernel- helpful for dehydrated, delicate, mature or sensitive skin
Avocado- -rich, deep green, with lots of skin nourishing vitamins(A & E) when blended with other oil....good for dry and mature skins.....also helpful with eczema and psoriasis
Beeswax- Makes a harder soap
Coca butter-almost required in lip balms and massage butters for fell and firmness. Makes a harder bar
Coconut- this adds lather to your soaps
EMU oil- need I say anymore. The best thing on the market for everything
Hemp oil- slows the aging process-shelf life is 3-6 months
Jojoba-superfat and moisturizers-similar in composition to the skins own cells
Mango butter- makes a buttery feeling bar
Palm- adds firmness to the bars
Palm kernel- adds lather to your bars.
Shea butter- gentle to your skin and creamy feeling
Wheat germ oil- very thick, honey colored. Smells strongly of dark bread-high in vitamin B, A and E,good for dry and cracked skin, mature complexions, eczema, psoriasis, scars, stretch marks and etc-good results in hair care too-it is an antioxidant and will extend the shelf life of other oils.

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